Five Terrifying Tales

Five Terrifying tales by tony walker

Tony Walker has written and chosen five spooky stories for Halloween (or any other time of the year you feel like getting scared). These are links to the YouTube channel for The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast. These are, in my opinion, my five most terrifying tales, and based on the comments on the Channel, many other people also find them creepy.

You can get many of these stories in my books if you like them and want to curl up on a rainy night and read them yourself by lamplight. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. The derwentwater haunting

Terrifying Tale number one concerns a man who retires early from his job in London and goes with his family to a mansion on a lake. For a while all is well, and then mysterious things begin to happen. Strange sounds are heard in the house, the family begin to have unsettling suspicions about what these noises might mean, but it’s only at the end we discover the true significance.

2. My niece Alison

Alison was disliked by everyone. Other than her uncle, that is. He and Alison both had a fascination with ghosts and spiritualism. When Alison moved out, her aunt assumed they had gotten rid of her. However, one evening, she called with what seemed to be a simple request. Naturally, her uncle offered to help her.

3. The House In The Forest

Never accept a ride from a stranger on a lonely road, especially when the weather has become so bad and when the route passes through miles of Scottish forest in a deserted country. However, when you’re in a pinch, you might consider taking a chance. Rebecca did.

4. The Dalston Vampire

Dalston Hall was a sturdy tower built at the height of the Middle Ages to protect its lord and lady from war. However, there are more deadly things than war and older things than castles. Sometimes, they come calling.

5. Noises From The Attic

Rental prices in London are so high it’s hard to find anywhere decent to live. But when your co-worker offers you a chance to rent a room in their family home by the River Thames at a knock down price. It seems too good to be true. But sometimes you just get lucky, right? But what are those noises from the attic?

6. The Haunting of Unit 409 (Bonus Scare!)

Working the night shift is never fun. Especially when your work mate calls in sick and you’re on your own with all those storage units. People could put anything in those units. I wonder what really is behind those locked metal doors? Probably nothing. And you shouldn’t look, anyway.

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Terrifying Tales by Classic Masters of the Genre

I have curated a list of horror and ghost stories from the masters of the genre: E F Benson, M R James, Algernon Blackwood and more. Click below to listen to more spine-chilling yarns to make you keep the light on.

Classic Ghost Stories from some of the best authors, narrated by the best voices on YouTube.

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