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This website leads you to the episodes of the Classic Ghost Stories Podcast where Tony Walker reads out classic ghost and horror stories and weird tales in his best British and American accents (others also appear at times) for your entertainment and edufication. These recordings are of comparable quality to an audiobook or to Audible.

Tony also gives small commentaries at tid-bits after each story, but really the story is the thing.

Classic Ghost Stories Podcast episodes can be found on the side menu. The episodes are tagged according to country, century and type, whether that be Weird Tale, Ghost Story, Horror Story, though most likely this will be revised. Below we have a selection of three episodes to get you started, or you can just dip in from the episode list as previously mentioned.

Enter or your own free will! Consider it a smorgasbord of the odd, unsettling, occult, eerie and at times quite sweet stories of a by-gone age.

“The Wise are silent, the Foolish speak, and children are thus led astray.” ..

Algernon Blackwood

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Classic Ghost Stories Podcast Episodes to Get You Started

The episodes with the most listens on the Classic Ghost Stories Podcast are the first one:

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman which can be understood as a woman going mad or a woman haunted by the things in her wallpaper! This was the first episode ever recorded. I had done some full-length audiobooks in an American accent and though I was a bit nervous about doing more I felt to read it in an English accent wouldn’t be doing the context of the story justice.

Bewitched by Edith Wharton is another favourite. Again, I do it in an American accent! (Is there a pattern emerging here about which episodes are most popular?). What really helps is that Wharton is such an accomplished writer and the story was a delight to read. Additionally, it may also help that the story is on the school curriculum in some parts of the USA! Anyway, I’m not complaining. I love the hits!

Oh Whistle and I’ll Come To You has to be my third recommendation. It is quintessentially English and written by the great master of the English ghost story, the academic M R James. Interestingly I read this in a non-native accent. I speak standard Northern British English and so some of the Southern English or ‘Received Pronounciation’ vowels are tricky for me! I also have to attempt a Norfolk accent in this one…

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

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I hope you enjoy The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast!

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