Episode 6: The Open Door by Charlotte Riddell

The Open Door

The Open Door by Charlotte Riddell

The Open Door is a classic Victorian ghost story. Or is it? It’s a well-written yarn about a young man who needs to make his fortune and does so by taking a job no one else will: to investigate a haunted mansion in the countryside where a door just won’t keep shut.

The whole mystery turns on whether the ghost is really a ghost. Certainly there are enough hints that there could be a ghost, but then there are also hints that the ghost is a fabrication — a machination to make sure the good Lord Ladlow does not get his deserved inheritance.

The story is almost a template for a Scooby Doo tale, minus the dog. People pretending to be ghosts, skulluggery and an honest lad who is well-rewarded for his honest work, pluck and perseverence.

If it hadn’t been for you pesky kids….


Full Text of The Open Door

Link to Project Gutenberg’s full text of The Open Door by Charlotte Riddell


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