Episode 18: The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell

The Old Nurse's Story

The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell

The Old Nurse’s Story is a much anthologized tale that appears in most (and maybe every) anthology of Victorian ghost stories. It is told as the recollection of an old woman (The Old Nurse of the story) to some children about their mother when she and the nurse were young. 

Like many Victorian stories — I’m thinking Charles Dickens here — there is a grim and foreboding house set in remote Northumberland within sight of the Cumberland Fells, so I’m thinking Barhaugh Hall near Alston, full of grim and foreboding aristocratic figures and cheery servants. 

There is a dark history, madness, rage, vanity, and revenge, as well as ghosts in the Old Nurse’s Tale. There’s lots of description too and though it is a bit melodramatic in the Victorian fashion, it’s a good listen!


If you liked the Old Nurse’s Story, why not try The Open Door, for another Victorian treat?

Here’s a link to the Writerly Review’s review of The Old Nurse’s Story

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