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Horror Giveaways

The Thirteen Days of Halloween Horror Giveaway

Horror Giveaway Galore. I want to do this newsletter like a giveaway sandwich: give things away at the beginning and give them away at the end.

Some of the book links are affiliate links so I get a tiny %, but it costs you nowt extra. So’s you know.

First Horror Giveaway To Mention

Author Blaise Ramsey has put together a Halloween horror scary stories giveaway. There are tons of freebies there, so something for every taste, and let’s face it the genre has lots of sub-genres! You should find something you like

13 Days of Halloween

Also need to mention the Haunting at Captiva Hotel by Lois Lee Gates, because she’s mentioning my London Horror Stories.

What I’ve Been Reading and Watching

So, I’ve been doing a lot of business reading this week and trying to get my head around sales funnels. Don’t ask. I have a permanent headache, but I think I’ve made some progress.

I managed to get out and inevitably bought some horror books in the second-hand bookshop at Brunswick Yard in Penrith.

I’ve been making videos too!

But, I have been reading The Best Horror Of The Year edited by Ellen Datlow.

So far, I’m only three stories in.

Lowland Sea by Suzy McKee Chamas, I didn’t care for so much, though I could see it was well-written. It seemed too political for me.

Wingless Beasts by Lucy Taylor set in Death Valley in the Desert. This was a very cool story, quite urban and hip about this guy who makes a living by getting strangers stranded in the unforgiving desert. When they die, he steals their stuff. But of course, like all good stories, there is a twist. I liked it!

The Nimble Men by Glen Hirshberg. A fantastic story about this airline that lands to refuel in a remote part of Canada. Canada or North USA, there are both Canadian and American characters. It’s a remote place and very weird things happen. It’s a weird tale with a real horror vibe. I loved it. Unusually set and just jumping off the page.

Hellebore Magazine

I have just got my copy of Hellebore Magazine, “A Summoning of Ancient Terrors”. I’ve just skimmed it. This magazine series was only supposed to be for a few issues, but he’s carried it on as a labour of love.

Been reading the Fortean Times. That gives me inspiration for writing my articles on Medium, such as this one about Spring-Heeled Jack

That’s a friend link so you can read it for free.

What I’ve Been Watching

Not much. Don’t have much spare time, but I did watch that folk-horror series The Third Day on Sky Atlantic with Jude Law.

It got 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. What I thought was that it was okay. It was a bit slow. It followed the familiar folk-horror tropes—man with troubled history arrives at strange throwback community. In this case it’s an island of the Essex coast, but it could be Midsommar Sweden or Scotland’s The Wicker Man, or somewhere in New England.

This community has pagan beliefs which seem harmless, but of course…

These pagan beliefs centre on a Celtic god Asus (known from Roman Gaul) and one of the characters is called Epona (the Celtic horse-goddess). The clues are always in the name. I’m quite fond of Epona, an altar to her was found a hundred yards from where I’m writing this. But back to The Third Day.

Sex is had. Drugs are taken. Our man finds release. That’s as far as I’ve got. My wife says I can watch the rest on my own. But to be fair, she’s more a comedy watcher than a horror lover.

What I’ve Been Writing

Not much. Did some Medium Articles on Health. Finally got my Horror Stories For Halloween audiobook uploaded to Author’s Republic so it can be sold. Mainly been doing videos and banging my head against a wall regarding sales funnels.

I had this idea that if I can sell my books directly, I can offer a big discount, but still make it work financially. We shall see.

The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast

Our latest FREEEEEEEEE! Podcast episode is S0209 The Maker of Gargoyles by Clark Ashton Smith.

This is sort of a horror giveaway because it’s free.

A great tale of twisted gargoyles running amok in the werewolf-haunted region of Averoigne. Listen to my dulcet tones and shudder.

Final Horror Giveaway

If you haven’t got my free Audiobook & Ebook Bundle: The Dalston Vampire.

Get it from this link.

Final Offer!

If you’re interested, click on this offer link:

70% on my London Horror Stories Audiobook & Ebook Bundle

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