Tony Walker Newsletter 6th March 2021

Haunted Castles by Tony Walker
Haunted Castles by Tony Walker

It has been some time since my last email to you and I hope you’ve been well. I’ve been pretty well but busy, always busy.

I am in touch now because I have finally finished and published Haunted Castles. So this is an email intended to tempt you to snap it up at as cheap a price as I can make the ebook which is £1.77. I have no idea why I can’t make it 99p like I used to be able to. But here’s the blurb:

◆Four Tales of Castles, Gothic Horror, False Wives and Treacherous Husbands◆

**Dungarvan Castle: ** After another scandalous affair, a philandering soldier is forced to leave British India and goes touring the Scottish Highlands. After driving too fast on twisting roads, an accident renders him unconscious, and he awakes to find himself in a castle with his wife standing beside him: except he doesn’t ever remember being married. But when she vanishes, he must learn the secret of her disappearance and find out what she really wants from him before the old gods make him pay.

The Dark Tower: After breaking another heart, a philandering minstrel enters the haunted forest of Brec’helean, not considering the hurt he leaves behind him. Boastfully, he says his next conquest will be the mistress of the Dark Tower of Ker-Zu. But she is cleverer and more deadly than he counted on. When his friends are captured, he is challenged to dig deep and find his humanity or else lose it and become a monster like her.

Dalston Hall: In 1322, the Scottish army comes south and Henry Dalston seals up his tower. Outside in the snow is a strange black-clad figure. Taking pity on this man, Lord Dalston Invites him in. A story of an ancient and deadly Celtic spirit of the place.

Schloss Von Hohenwald: In 1927, When touring Styria, an English tourist becomes involved in an affair he was advised he should steer clear of. Torn between doing what is right and saving himself, he enlists the aid of allies to help him rescue a locked-up girl from a remote castle. Perhaps he should have taken that advice after all.


A collection of short stories and novellas set in Gothic castles in Austria, the Scottish Highlands, Brittany, and Cumbria. Part gothic horror, part conflicted romance, the stories deal with supernatural creatures: werewolves, banshees and vampires and link in with ancient legends, Celtic and otherwise.

Schloss Von Hohenwald appeared in an earlier version in Horror Stories For Halloween (that one has been updated too). Apart from Dalston Hall these are not horror stories, though they do have supernatural elements. Two of them at least could be considered romances! Horror!

Here’s that link again:

Other Things

My YouTube Channel has exploded in popularity, which has got me scratching my head. This is a mystery to me why this happened. But, I’ve put more stuff up and people seem to like it.


I’ve been reading The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle which is great. I have to say that it reads like a Lovecraftian video game, but that’s no bad thing, if it’s good, which it is.

Obviously Black Tom is a man of colour and it’s a twist on Lovecraft’s famous racism to write a book that points out the horrors of racism in Lovecraft’s period. It reminded me of Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country which was also great. I quite enjoyed the TV series but the book was much much better

And I’m re-reading Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black which is very well done. I recently read another of hers and this is much better. But both are good, just this is very good.

And here’s an experiment. In the interests of full disclosure, these are affiliate links and so if you buy after clicking on them I get a small percentage. Weirdly it doesn’t matter what you buy after you click on the link. If you visit my book (hint) and decide not to buy (not a hint) but then you buy a Tesla, I get a percentage of that!

So why not buy an Amazon Gift Voucher?


The podcast is doing well. The latest episode is
The Cold Embrace, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. I really enjoyed reading this. It’s probably because it’s rather Gothic, and I like that.


I’m doing Masterclasses in Writing, which are pretty good. I did Neil Gaiman’s course and am now doing Margaret Atwood’s. Not listening to any fiction this week.


When I find time, I’m watching Twin Peaks: The Return. I loved the original Twin Peaks. I recently read David Lynch’s biography as I also liked Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire and Lost Highway. Season Three of Twin Peaks is harder going, but I’m getting there.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for keeping up with me. I appreciate it.

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