S02E42 The Grey Woman by Mrs Gaskell Part Two

Brief Notes

Trusty Amanate is someone she can talk to.

The expedition by candlelight through the castle passages

The withheld letters

She is a prisoner

Anna bites out a chunk of her hand to keep her fear from overcoming her while she’s under the table. She later breaks one of her front teeth. She’s rough.

The spying servants

The Chauffeurs are not drivers but robbers. The gendarmes are gendarmes though.

A rollicking boys own story, but for girls because it includes love.

Amante is fearless, she can beard Lefebvre, but she is scared of the servants as she knows about them.

Her husband buys her gifts and makes her a flower garden. So, he must love her in his own way. I think he probably does, or why entertain her?

We find the reason for M. De La Tourelle’s frequent absences. He is not away at some distant estate at all.

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