S02E15 The Turn Of The Screw Part 6

We continue with Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw. His language is getting easier. I think he’s given up trying to impress me and is just getting on with the story. That is all good because the story is nifty.

I do think Quint and Miss Jessel are unfairly maligned. Poor old Mrs Grose. Not sure about those (pesky) kids though. I would be surprised if it turned out they were dead already like in the Sixth Sense.

I am knocking out the Turns of the Screw. I think we have about 2 episodes left to do. Should be finished by end November, then I will do Dracula as an exclusive and some Christmas one-offs before starting A Christmas Carol in December.

Busy, busy. Hope you all are well. I am well.

In any case, I brazenly ask

Buy me a coffee? In return you can download some free audio stories. As my old nana used to say: fair exchange is no robbery.

I have a stretch goal on the Ko-Fi site that I will buy a laptop for editing the audio, but in fact I have spent all the money on coffee.

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Start Music: “Some Come Back” by the Heartwood Institute, Check our their new release for Halloween, Witch Season.

End Music: “A Ghost Story” by Dvoynik

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