Episode 53: Little Heart by Georgina Bruce

Georgina Bruce

Georgina Bruce is a British writer, born in the West Midlands of England but who has taught English in different parts of the world, not least in sub-tropical Okinawa in Japan before spending the last ten years or so teaching in less sub-tropical Edinburgh, Scotland.

Little Heart

Little Heart is a dark tale that explores a woman’s confused memories of her childhood and her conflicted relationships with her mother, once a film star, and her father who smells of ink and paper and at times is indistinguishable from a dark-beaked crow.

Full of luscious imagery, the story reminded me of the work of Angela Carter and Shirley Jackson with its fairytale themes and dark twists.

In the interview Georgina talks about her influences and the nature of her stories. 

She has just finished a novella Honeybones, and this story comes from her very well-reviewed collection This House of Wounds

Georgina’s Links

Her Website Monster Soup

Her publisher Undertow Publications

This House of Wounds on Amazon UK

This House of Wounds on Amazon.com

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