Episode 31: Back Along The Old Track by Sam Hicks

Sam Hicks

Sam Hicks is an English writer based in London. She caught my eye when I read the splendid anthology Fiends In The Furrows by Nosetouch Press. The story was then lifted to the The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 11. These anthologies are stuffed with good stories, but Back Along The Old Track was one of the best.

It’s strange that I don’t begin these show notes with Writer was born in 1800 and died in 1900 or suchlike because Sam is still very much alive and sounds in the pink. 

In the interview we talk about her influences; where the story is based, is it based on a real place, what are her influences and it was really fascinating to hear that she’s only been writing for three years full time.

Sam is working on more stories and more of her good stuff is coming out in further anthologies as you can hear in the interview.

This is a link to Sam’s Goodreads page here.

Hope you enjoyed this modern story. It struck me that the English countryside features in many of these stories we’re reading and we could almost chart a social history by listening to them. For example, we have The Old Nurse’s Story which portrays a countryside peopled by aristocrats in their big houses and poor peasants in the 19th Century, then we have Man Sized in Marble where we have artists coming to rent a house among the poor peasants in the early 20th Century, and here in Back Along The Old Track, we have city folk in the early21st Century coming to a holiday let among the poor (well weird at least) peasants!

Catch you all next week.




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