Episode 26: A Christmas Meeting by Rosemary Timperley

Rosemary Timperley

Rosemary Timperley was an English author born in 1920 who died aged 68 in 1988. She was a very prolific writer and published 66 novels and several hundred ghost and several hundred short stories. She particularly liked writing ghost stories and ended up editing several volumes of ghost stories and choosing other peoples.

As well as writing she was a school teacher and taught English language and literature in schools in Essex and London. Very interestingly she also was an agony aunt from 1949 for a popular magazine. 

Her writing related to ghosts the most famous ghost stories are this one a Christmas Meeting which was published in 1952 and also the Mistress in Black published in 1969.

This is a very short Christmas themed ghost story which I thought was appropriate for Boxing Day, or as I note in the audio version of the show notes: St Stephen’s Day.

I could see the twist in the tail coming for this story and I’m sure that you did also, as we have read a number of ghost stories together now and we can anticipate what will happen.

A Christmas Meeting is a very modern story and the writing is modern but I thought that Rosemary Timperley put in some very sweet touches. And I particularly enjoyed her musings and descriptions of Christmas past. But she manages to evoke a lifetime of sweet memories.

Though she was only 32 when she wrote the story she has a very sunny outlook on life and I like the way she says the time doesn’t exist. Now you can take that anyway you want put on this Christmas holiday period I wish you all a lovely time and many happy memories of Christmases past and imaginings of Christmases future.

All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well!



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