Dr Ryan Dodds, Senior Lecturer in Gothic Studies, Department of English, York University (fictionally at least) finds the true meaning of Halloween…

I’m just working through the audiobook version of the stories for my Horror Stories for Halloween, though I doubt they’ll be ready by Halloween

During lockdown we watched a tremendous guided ghost walk through York on Facebook Live led by Dorian Deathly. He said something about a ghost in the tree at Pavement, where they used to hang people in York.

I thought that was a great image, but the only thing that remained of that story in my version is York and the tree. 

The anti-hero of my story in Dr Ryan Dodds, who is senior lecturer in Gothic Studies in the English Department at York University. There’s nothing much to like about Dr Dodds. In the past, when I’ve done horrid characters who get their comeuppance I get mightily slagged off for being so nasty.

But I enjoyed writing Ryan and his horrid, philandering, narcissistic, drunken ways. I enjoyed doing my native northern English accent too. Though I am not a Yorkshireman of course.

I’m pretty proud of the story. And though pride comes before a fall I haven’t a great height to fall from. See what you think.

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